Our Services

Grain Processing & Ag

We specialize in system design, equipment installation, overhauls and facility construction for the grain processing industry.

Industrial Facility Maintenance

Our professional  experienced certified welders can deliver comprehensive services including initial design, fabrication, installation, maintenance and repair.

Fabrication & Painting

With state of the art equipment to service the whole company, our painting booth delivers optimum painting and blasting services and we use high quality scrubbers and cleaning materials to provide you the quality that you are looking for.

Precision Alignment

Precision laser alignment is the installation of new, and the adjustment of existing equipment. Laser alignment, infrared thermography and vibration analysis work hand-in-hand to bring the latest technology to your facility, making our goal of reliability centered maintenance easier to achieve.

Vibration Analysis

Vibration analysis is a natural diagnostic tool for equipment. Vibration—the destructive movement, present in all rotating machinery—needs to be understood for infrared analysis to be done in the most effective manner. There are many causes of vibration. We can do on-site balancing to extend the life of your equipment by eliminating vibration.

Infrared Analysis & Thermographs

Infrared thermography is the study and analysis of heat. Infrared thermography uses the law of thermodynamics. Although electrical applications are the most widely recognized, uses extend far beyond the electrical to motors, bearings, drives and belts.

Ultrasonic Inspection

Ultrasonic inspection is a reliability centered maintenance tool that can help with the identification and location of electrical anomalies that may not be detectable with conventional methods. Ultrasonic inspection works hand in hand with our very successful and reliable infrared thermography inspection services.

Rail Car Progressioner

Annual inspections and service for all makes and models of rail car progressioners. We also offer repairs and corrective work and can complete new installations.

Dockage Tester

Service, calibration, complete machine rebuilds and sound reduction upgrades of Carter Day dockage tester machines. All inspection sheets and calibration procedures are in accordance with the OEM and Canadian Grains Commission recommendations. Our annual inspection includes inspection records, calibration verification sheets and recommendations for corrective action. CGC approved canola samples are available and wheat samples can be provided. We can provide onsite service, or we have an exchange program while your machine is being overhauled.

Fall Arrest

Annual inspection of all makes of fall arrest systems. Inspections are completed according to CSA, O/H&S, Labor Canada regulations which are verified against the engineered stamped drawings and manufacturers recommendations. Tundra is a preferred supplier and installer of FPS fall protection systems.

Bulk Weigher Weight Exchange

We offer bulk weigher weight exchange program. We can inventory all weight sizes. We collaborate with clients to purchase a few of the most common types of weights to ensure we come to site with certified weights when it’s time to replace them. This program helps eliminate travel time, craning, down time and the requirement of a second trip to site. This program can be completely managed by Tundra to ensure your test weights are replaced on a 5 years cycle.

Distributor Inspection and Service

Inspections, service and repairs of all makes and models of distributors verifying alignment of spouts, operation of barrels and inspection of all internal and external components. An inspection report with recommendations and corrective actions is completed and supplied to required personnel. Strongco distributor parts are available.

Sampler Annual Inspection and Service

Annual inspections and servicing of all makes and models of samplers including truck probes, probe type samplers and crosscut samplers. An inspection document is completed verifying the condition of all internal and external components. Sample quality verification can be completed and / or the system can be upgraded to accommodate sample verification. An inspection report with sample quality verification, recommendations and corrective actions is completed and supplied to required personnel.

Grain Cleaning Equipment

Inspections, repairs, overhauls and upgrades for all makes and models of grain and pulse cleaning equipment. We also complete design build projects.

Grain Drying Equipment

Pre-fall start up inspection and repair service on all makes and models of grain dryers. Our inspection include testing of all the safety devices and a documented checklist with recommendations for corrective action is provided. Tundra is the preferred installer and service provider for Mega Dryer.

Manual Manlifts

Visual and mechanical inspections as well as the drop test to verify that the emergency braking system meets CSA Standard on all makes and models. We can provide repairs to Jan-Mar and Dominion Bridge manlifts.

Tundra Mechanical & Millwrighting design process and state of the art equipment can make your next project a success.